≈Time flies≈

Wow I cannot believe it’s Christmas Eve. With the rain pouring and the lights glowing, it is starting to feel like Christmas. I hope that everyone has had safe travels to their destinations, wherever you may be headed for the holidays.

I am sitting here reflecting back to when I was stung on the inside of my upper lip by a honey bee. Oh wait, I didn’t blog about that. 😀 Well yes I was stung by a honey bee that was inside my can of Diet Dr. Pepper. Ouch yes! Huge swollen upper lip…YES!! I looked like Taylor from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!! Well recently I went on a bee farm where there were dozens of honey bee houses (well that’s what I’ll call them). I got out and took photos. Quietly and in a calm manner, I stepped closer towards the honey bees–not too close–and captured beautiful images of a pretty cool process of how honey is made. It was amazing, I felt my honey bee fear lifted! 🙂 Anywho, here is an image of the bee houses and a few holiday shots!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!! Have a safe and wonderful holiday. ®

“And a couple things impressed me, I’m a person of faith and I love this country. I’ve seen more flag-wavers here and more people that are God-fearing than any part of the country.” {George Shinn}