Album Design and Upload Fail…

Designing an album is not easy as most people may think.  Templates do  help but it is still quite time consuming. There is nothing like taking the time to design an album, get the pictures exactly how you would like them and then bam…. → the album does not upload or uploading it is extremely weird.  Thankfully my representative called and walked me through the process on her own time.  I truly appreciated it.  I am new to this particular print lab and wanted to see if their albums would work best for me and my clients.  Do not get me wrong, I love the labs that I use, but it is always good to  try new things.  I only hope that the album turns out amazing!  It’s pretty much a Boudoir studio album so we shall see how it turns out! 😀

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone has a great day! Ⓡ

I had to share some images from a recent Boudoir shoot that I did for a client as her anniversary gift to her husband–and herself!  I cannot show the other ones that LOVE that truly show how sexy and gorgeous this young woman is but these are some that I can share!  🙂
“The world’s a rollercoaster and I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air.” ~Brandon Boyd~

Summertime Love

Oh my summer is rapidly passing us by but the heat and humidity still lingers–not complaining but ready for some beautiful foliage to appear.  I have been enjoying some much needed beach time down-time so I am not worried about fall at the moment! 😉

Before leaving for vacation, I had the pleasure of photographing the Boone family and it was a fun time.  Nat is a true diva in the making!!!  Lucy & James, I hope you are ready!  Seriously–she was not happy with each pair of shoes that her mom picked for her to wear, but she loved her hot pink Crocs!  She is hilarious, precious, unpredictable, a complete girly-girl as well as an outdoor girl and so much more.  You two are lucky to have such an amazing little girl.

She was a little unhappy about the first few shoe choices…but that didn’t stop her from being a little loveable.

Now it was time to get out and about.

Of course I had to snap a few shots of the fabulous couple themselves!  They were great and surprised me with a great capture.

And these two are my absolute favs!  She was just making these expression and I loved it!  What a doll!

Again, thank you guys for allowing me to capture these moments in your lives.  I continue to wish your family the best, especially for it to grow! 😉  You truly have a beautiful family.

Until next guys, I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday tomorrow!

“By all these lovely tokens September days are here; with summer’s best of weather and Autumn’s best of cheer.” {Helen Hunt Jackson}

~*Birthday wishes & memories*~

Today is one of my best friend’s birthday; Happy Birthday Nancy Maribel.  Even though you fled moved to another country with free health care [glad you got your card by the way] I still wanted to show you some love from the States. 😉  I know that I will not see you in person for a while but thankfully Skype has kept us in touch this past year.  You are the only person I trust enough to ride the metro in Mexico City, Mexico with!!!

Alas, you grabbed my camera and took photos as the clown painted my face–into a rabbit!  Oh how I will never forget that moment…I mean how often does one get grabbed by a clown who is speaking to them in Spanish and painted into a rabbit?!?  Nancy is hours behind me so I am not sure if she is even awake at the moment but I wanted to send her a little blog love.  You are a extraordinary person as well as friend and I hope that today is a wonderful, drama free and absolutely fabulous day for you.  You deserve it.  Did I mention how remarkable of a graphic designer she is?  Well she is!!!  Like seriously amazing! She never ceases to amaze me with the wonderful things she creates.  I love when our creative minds cross into one and the outcome–to me–is always gorgeous!  Want to see an example…well here you go!

I know that we both will continue to climb over any and all obstacles that come our way, just like we climbed the Pyramid of the Sun.  Have a great Tuesday my American/Canadian friend! 😉  Much love from Tejas!

“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.” {Robert Frost}


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Oh how I love sunsets!

I love sunsets, like seriously I have stood knee deep in the Florida waters to capture a beautiful sunset with my Canon!!!  That should let you know how serious I am about them!!! I am a sunset chaser! 😉

With that in mind, evening sessions this summer have been my fav!!  If a breeze came through more often it would be awesome!  I captured a few shots of Katriana & Alex a few weeks back and it was a hot and humid day but the light was amazing. I was sweating bullets [probably from all the water I had drank–I drink more than a gallon before 3:00 p.m.] but it was well worth it to capture that light and those images!  Alex ended up “scavenger hunting” and picked up a stick with ants on it…needless to say he was not 100% smiles after that.  He enjoyed being outside and just playing with nature. 🙂  I was able to snag some really great shots and I could not be more pleased with how they turned out.  I especially love this photo of Alex because he deliberately has his back to me while laughing–that kid!! He is his mother’s son…and his father’s too!!  😉  We called it a wrap when a June Bug crawled up onto his neck.  His reaction was priceless!  Katriana you are beautiful and the light absolutely loved you!

Happy Friday the 13th! 😉

The A TeamLoving the light!

He gets it from his mama!“If I can put one touch of rosy sunset into the life of any man or woman, I shall feel that I have worked with God.” {Gilbert K. Chesterton}

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Life is a Constant Movement

I have always loved the art of dance.  I have always envied “Gumby’s” the extremely flexible dancers.  Gumby’s are the individuals that you stare at in awe in dance classes, dance camps, competitions, shows and performances…you get my point!!  They have this amazing gift and trust me if you have never seen an Anaheim Dance video then you should definitely check one out! Aria Alekzander represents Texas proudly with her astonishing skillz! They do these amazing dancer profiles and trust me, they are all awesome! You should definitely take a look at Austin Eder’s dancer profile! 😉 Pretty awesome tiny dancer! 😉

So now that you know that I have a L-O-V-E for dance, it was only fitting that I did a session with two very talented dancers. Katie and Morgan are awesome. Their skillz amazed me and my shutter continuously. Katie is a human gumby!!! She can bend like crazy! I wanted this session to be somewhere different and not a place where one would consider shooting a dance session. So in a parking garage–after the rain forced us off the top level–I was able to capture some amazing shots of these two. I still have tons of photos that I am filtering through but felt like blogging about this! I have put it off for too long and I only thought it was fitting to share.

These girls can get some serious air–serious! Katie is like 5 inches shorter than Morgan…maybe 3-5 but seriously I am going to go with 5! Sorry Katie!
I love their amazing flexibility.  Morgan really got her back stretched and I was able to capture this amazing stag as well as Katie’s awesome scorpion!  Plus I am really digging the silhouette that we were getting from the lighting!

“My soul is in the sky.” William Shakespeare {A Midsummer Night’s Dream}

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