Lazy Sunday

I cannot believe how quickly this weekend has zoomed by and that Sunday is halfway over!  I must admit, I enjoy days like today…total bum days! I have accomplished what I have needed to, but there is a great feeling when you can be an absolute coach potato.  I have sat here and caught up with Keeping Up With the Kardashians and listened to Kris Jenner moan like she was playing Anna Kournikova in the final match of the U.S. Open!  It was a hilarious sight to see her get “angry & upset” when her kids started mocking her!  Come on, you are the only person grunting!!  Anyhow, I am getting off subject!  I decided to do a quick half hair style versus letting my hair look like a rag doll!!  Here are a few images of my half hair flipped with plaits & braids that I tried on my own without a tutorial!  I love Hair Romance and it is definitely a blog you should read and follow if you are a hair whore nut like myself!  Seriously she rocks my socks off!! She even put jewelry in a top knot to make it even more chic! Loves it!!  Anywho, here is a quick lovely collage of my creation…trust me it is nothing like Christina’s creations but I think I did good considering I decided to randomly do it!  Image of my crazy creation that turned out cute!  Pinning and braiding your hair is so needed for summertime in Texas

Yesterday I had such an incredibly great afternoon! I got to enjoy dinner with a beautiful view of nature but was glassed so that we could enjoy the air conditioning! Seriously, RiverBend Restaurant was amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone traveling near, through or in the general vicinity of Caddo Lake.  Here are a few iPhone images to show the beauty of dinner and the start of a great afternoon! ImageImageImage

I hope that everyone is having a super lazy and wonderful Sunday evening!! XoRo  “Nobody of any real culture, for instance, ever talks nowadays about the beauty of sunset. Sunsets are quite old fashioned. To admire them is a distinct sign of provincialism of temperament. Upon the other hand they go on.~Oscar Wilde~

Performing my civil duty…

Well yesterday I had the pleasure [insert sarcasm] of being a part of voir dire or as most of you know it as  jury duty but thankfully I was not selected.  I will not go into details as I will not commit a crime but $6.00 for jury duty is crap not cool and does not even begin to cover your fuel charge or lunch for that manner.  BUT I did perform my civil duty, yet again.  It seems that I always get called for jury duty but I have NO idea why!! I was there ALL DAY but alas it is over and I can move forward.  Have you ever served on a jury?  Have you been subjected to being at the Court’s mercy in order to perform our civil duty all day and not be selected on the final panel?  Hahaha, yeah I know how you feel as well.  Disgruntled but yet relieved.
Here is a little eye candy to get you through the day! I hope that everyone has a terrific Tuesday!  XoRo

“The more laws, the more offenders.”  ~Thomas Fuller~
My ballerina model preparing and getting ready in her vintage inspired themed French dressing room.

My ballerina model extended her gorgeous lines en pointe sitting on a vintage trunk from Vintage Ambiance.My ballerina model extended her gorgeous lines en pointe sitting on a vintage trunk from Vintage Ambiance.I used the Lensbaby Composer Pro to create this unique shot of my model sitting on this beautiful vintage trunk with Voltaire surrounding her..This image of my model was taken with a Lensbaby Composer Pro and I have to tell you I am in love with that lens!I love this image that was acquired in camera by placing a crystal in front of the lens.Lindsey Watkins did a great job on her makeup and nailed my vision for a sexy, subtle but yet bold eye!The light was gorgeous and I knew I wanted to put her on the window sill and this turned out so sick.

Adding Some Flair to My Life

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I am in the sky above parts unknown floating way above cloud nine at the moment. As I look to my right at a blanket of white clouds I cannot help but feel extremely thankful. Life is good and it is always good when you stay in the positive mindset versus the negative. Turbulence will always arise in our lives but the glass is always half full. 😉
I had the distinct honor to be in Lindsay Adler’s live classroom for her creativeLIVE Fashion Flair for Portrait & Wedding Photographers Workshop this past weekend and it was ah-mazing!! Not “oh it was great” it was more like that OMG feeling after a much needed massage great!! Lindsay blew my mind-hole and I look forward to seeing her again in the near future. This chick is hands down awesome and accomplishing so many things and excelling in life on a daily basis. I know one reason why: she’s truly passionate about her work and photography in general. She is a beautiful person on in the inside as well as the outside and oh my goodness I still want that white floral print dress you wore on the first day!! Great pick Lila!! She pretty much covered everything from A-Z during her time on creativeLIVE and if you missed her workshops, they are available for purchase on the site. $149 is a steal for this workshop! She was completely hands on, involved us students from day one and when I say day one, I mean from the moment we were chosen to be in her classroom. I was completely thrilled by the homework assignments that she gave us and it pushed my creativity to the max before I ever arrived in Seattle! I never doubted myself because she was there with us every step of the way letting us know that she had faith in us. My passion for photography is not a game, nor is it a hobby–it is my artform. I never thought in a million years that I would make a tutu skirt but I did and I was damn proud of my skirt too!! It turned out great and fit Sara, my ballerina model perfectly! Speaking of Sara, BIG shout out to you young lady!! You completely rocked my socks off and proved to me that my concept was not crazy, strange or weird! You helped execute a vision that was in my head beautifully and I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism, constant contact over these past four weeks, your remarkable talent and for simply being you. You rocked our session and we made an awesome team!! 😀 You never know when I’ll be on the West Coast again for a collaboration but in the meantime, I do hope that Russell Andes creates some awesome work with you. A huge thank you goes to Beckie McCann of Vintage Ambiance for the pieces that she allowed me to use to create my French inspired dressing room set. All of her vintage pieces are amazing and available as rentals if you are having a wedding, party, reception or if you need to create a set. You should definitely check out her pieces as she has TONS of goodies!! You should have seen what my set looked like to begin with!! Beckie you are amazing and I cannot thank you enough!
I could go on and on but I must contain myself or else this blog post will become a novella!! A huge thank you to the uber talented makeup artist Lindsey Watkins that understood my vision and executed it far beyond my dreams! I had no doubt that she could or would but given the time constraints we were faced with, she knocked it out of the ball park Barry Bonds style! If you need a super talented makeup artist, especially for commercial use, she is your artist. When I think of Lindsey Watkins, The Golden Girls theme song pops into my head, “Thank you for being a friend!”
It was also great to see my Seattle peeps! Kenna K., Susan R., LeRae, Andes, Ian, Todd, my fake husband John C., Teth, Nikko and everyone else at the cL studio it is always a pleasure being in your company. I wish each and every one of you continued success in life, both personally and professionally. I also made a new friend thanks to Susan & LaRae and I am so glad that I did because Elissa you are awesome!! Lila it was GREAT to meet you in person and I love your aura–you are good people–and I wish you success with your photography business, as well as with your little spitfire model!! 😉 No one can model as vintage camera as fierce as you! Seriously! Ending the night with such great people, sinfully delicious dessert and great conversation was the perfect way for me to wrap up my time in Seattle. It was great to meet so many inspiring and creative individuals and I know our paths will cross again in the future! I think we should all setup a date for WPPI 2013! 😀 XoRo
“Don’t just take a photograph, make a piece of art.” ~Lindsay Adler~

Kenna was working away as we shot the 1950s Glam session outside in the alley and I love this double exposure shot I got of her.

Kristin got the pleasure of being Samatha & Robin's during the workshop.I love this beautiful shot of Sara as she sits en pointe beside the gorgeous natural light from our natural light session.A little Lensbaby Composer Pro love to make this set and model look even more dreamy in this gorgeous natural light!A beautiful ballerina surrounded by gorgeous vintage Voltaire books, cameras and beautiful natural light.