Album Design and Upload Fail…

Designing an album is not easy as most people may think.  Templates do  help but it is still quite time consuming. There is nothing like taking the time to design an album, get the pictures exactly how you would like them and then bam…. → the album does not upload or uploading it is extremely weird.  Thankfully my representative called and walked me through the process on her own time.  I truly appreciated it.  I am new to this particular print lab and wanted to see if their albums would work best for me and my clients.  Do not get me wrong, I love the labs that I use, but it is always good to  try new things.  I only hope that the album turns out amazing!  It’s pretty much a Boudoir studio album so we shall see how it turns out! 😀

Happy Tuesday!  I hope everyone has a great day! Ⓡ

I had to share some images from a recent Boudoir shoot that I did for a client as her anniversary gift to her husband–and herself!  I cannot show the other ones that LOVE that truly show how sexy and gorgeous this young woman is but these are some that I can share!  🙂
“The world’s a rollercoaster and I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care, but my hands are busy in the air.” ~Brandon Boyd~