Who doesn't love a great giveaway?

Without Lightroom…I would be lost. 😦 Seriously…my editing has been cut in half by LR but I have also fallen in love with LR Presets!  What you do not know about LR Presets?  Are you living under a rock? 4 The Love of Focus is giving away an amazing $75 gift certificate to Amy McMaster Photography’s amazing store! I have tried the AMP’s Serendipity action and it is absolutely lovely. I have also tried Amy’s AMP Squeaky Clean, On the Edge & the Beyond Shades of Gray Lightroom Presets and they are editing favs! They have helped cut my workflow by so much time and enables me to mix my own recipes to create a unique look that is polished! I have nothing but good things to say about Amy’s products and you should definitely go over to her blog, read and go over to her store and check them out!  Like now!  😉
Enter to win a $75 gift certificate from AMP Actions with @4theloveoffocus http://www.4theloveoffocus.com

Here is an example of an image I processed using Amy’s Lightroom Presets. They are wonderful, help get that tone curve just right, helps get rid of those shadows and pops your colors!

I simply used Amy’s AMP’s Squeaky Clean LR presets and as well as the On the Edge that comes along with that set for my border.  I did smooth her skin to eliminate some of the redness due to the fact that we were outside in the lovely Texas heat [and humidity] but she was not Photoshopped to look unnatural!  Until next time, I hope everyone is doing well and had a wonderful weekend!  Monday workout here I come! Oh by the way, if you were curious as to how the finished image turned out…here is my final shot of Katriana.  I simply used  Kevin Kubota’s Fashion Passion, as well as his Magic Sharp actions…lovely! Her eyes are simply enticing! 😉

3 comments on “Who doesn't love a great giveaway?

  1. amy mcmaster says:

    Beautiful, Romonia! I’ve never tried any Kubota’s…well anything. They look so fun!

  2. AWESOME!!! Love the Squeaky Clean difference!!

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